select examples of our work

Mattel Toys, Inc.

Design for The Barbie Collection website

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Burnett Print Group, Inc.

Design, Photography and Website Development

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Metal Sculpture

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Analytic Investors, llc.

Graphic Design, Illustration and Fufullment

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Ceibo Foods, Inc.°

Illustration, Logo and Label Designs

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Logo and Business Card Design

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Lasmi Designs

Identiy and Design

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Say Stacy

Illustration, Identity Design & Web

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19th Day Pictures

Illustration, Design & Web

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the Urban Carp

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Dinner for One

Oil on Panel - Painted editorial on sucess bringing lonlyness.

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Sliversmithed Necklace

Fine Silver Chain, Snowflake Obsedian set in Sterling Silver.

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Stay Strong

Oil on Canves - Painted editorial on women staying true to themselves while being strong in the working world.

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