About Us

Gallop Creative is a full service creative and design company located in the Beautiful Burbank Rancho close to the Media Center.
We have what it takes to research, create and communicate Your Brand Message through web and print.

Amy Savarese

Creative Director

Amy is a California native who at a young age displayed artistic talent. She studied drawing and painting as a pre-teen and teen and ended up gradulating Presidents Honor Roll from California State University Long Beach with a BA degree in Illustration with an unofficial minor in metal smithing (she talked the counselor into letting her take metal classes only as her off major art electives). Upon graduating she worked at a few “dot” coms that ran out of “dot” funding and was hired at Mattel Toys, Inc., as a designer with International Barbie.com and Barbie.com until she left to pursue her Freelance Career. Amy’s skills include art directing, graphic and web design, illustration, project planning, copy writing and keeping the project flow going positively forward and making things out of metal.

Doug Savarese

Technology Gruru

Doug immigrated to Southern California from New Jersey in the mid 1980's. He has two BS degrees from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, one in Business and the other in Mathematics. As a child of Jazz Musicians Doug grew up engulfed in music and has mastered the upright bass, acoustic, bass and electric guitars and composing. He began programming and photography in the early 80’s and is brilliant at both.

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